Credit Counseling

Canada Credit Counseling At Canada Debt we provide unbiased credit counseling based on Trust, Respect and Integrity. Our Qualified Counsellors are fully trained, government-licensed and insured for your protection. We provide confidential services to numerous consumers in Canada.

We can provide help in all of these areas
  1. We help you define your financial goals
  2. We help estimate your expenses
  3. We look at your debt payment schedule
  4. Together, we evaluate the bottom line and develop a plan that you can work with

Money Management Assistance

  • We assist with your Personal Budget Sheet
  • We analyze your personal situation
  • We assist client strengths and weaknesses
  • We define the problem areas causing debt
  • We identify options for ongoing debt management

Building your Skills                                                    

  • We make you aware of credit costs
  • We help you to understand your credit rating
  • We teach the difference between needs and wants
  • We teach you to live within your means
  • We help you attain Financial Control

We can also help in these areas:

  • Confidential Financial Counseling
  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy
  • Financial Education and Workshop Seminars
  • BIA Insolvency Counseling
Mediation for Consumers and their Creditors

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